The big giant from the West Indian domestic cricket Rakheem Cornwell has fond his place in the Caribbean premier league. This year the St. Lucia side took him in and so far he has been doing the job which he was being demanded. Rakheem is hitting the ball hard and long whenever he gets the chance.

Sammy has to get him batting up the order. At the moment Rakheem is batting in the lower middle order and when he comes in there are not many balls left. Still he is providing some entertainment to the fans like last night he smashed four sixes against the Patriots.

It was some incredible hitting and all the shots came right from the middle of the bat. All the shots were massive as expected. Rakheem is 6’5 and weighs 153 pounds so one can imagine the power in his arms. When he hits the ball it goes out of the orbit and we saw that last night as well.

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