Shahid Afridi is enjoying his time in the Caribbean now. His start in the CPL was quite awful but with the passage of time and matches played the senior Pakistani player is back in the hunt with both his bat and ball.

Here we see a mighty six hit by him first followed by a brilliant ball that foxed the batsmen and got Afridi a wicket. The six was hit to DJ bravo and it was a typical Shahid Afridi cross batted shot played with every muscled of his body in action.

It was a short ball not too much short but to a length easily hit able and Afridi’s eyes widen up see this juicy half-length delivery. He smoked it down the leg side cross batted the ball sailed over the ropes for a neat and clean six.

Credit goes to Marlon Samuels the Patriots captain who continuously played Afridi inn despite of all the failures now his decision is working well with both of them.

In the bowling the pitch suited Afridi as well and apart from his leg spins the wrong ones were turning massively and thus helped in not only getting wickets but also not giving away too many runs.

It was a wrong one that went like an off spinner. Had massive turn after it pitched on the deck and this sharp movement deceived the batsman completely? Delport had no choice but to play it towards the off side but the ball got better of him and a fine edge came off the bat and taken out by the keeper.