Ahmad Shahzad takes a stunner; amazing catch from Yasir Shah bowling
What a day Ahmad Shahzad is having in the fields today. He first dropped a catch and took it in the next over of the same bower, of the same batsmen and on the same shot. Now this would have hardly happened before in recent times.

Yasir Shah who was operating his leg spinners to Thirmane finally made him edge one when the batsman went for a sweep shot and scooped it up in the air down towards square leg. Ahmad changed in and took the catch but when his hit the ground the ball popped out.

He claimed for a catch which the third umpire rejected as it was a clear drop.in the next over of Yasir Shah, he again bowled the same ball to Thirmane. It was leg spin pitched on the middle and off and Thirmane went for the same shot.