Angelo Mathews the Sri Lankan skipper took one of the best catches that we have seen in the cricket this year. This was an absolute beauty from Mathews. He was flying like superman as he was going for the catch. It was a very crucial wicket for the Sri Lankans and they were needing it badly. It was a desperate effort from Mathews and it showed how badly he and all the Sri Lankans were looking for this wicket. Dhawan departed and India lost their first wicket to this catch.

Dananjaya was the bowler here. He gave this ball flight. There was plenty of air given to this ball. The purpose was to get the batsman play some shot. Now this appeared out to be a wrong one from the leg spinner. There was a lot of turn on the ball. Dhawan went for sweep shot but could not get this one from the middle at all. The ball hit the top edge of the bat and went towards the right of Mathews who was standing at short fine leg. Still the ball was at some distance and Mathews had to cover a lot of distance.

Mathews ran towards the ball and then at the end hit a full length dive. This one dive which was a long one enabled him to get his hands underneath the ball at the last moment. That was the time when the catch happened. Inches above the grass the skipper took the catch. This was a ripper from the captain and to get a batsman like Dhawan you have to take catches like these. This was an absolute beauty from the Sri Lankan. This will help his side get some more if they bowl well.