The Ashes is about severe rivalry for many English and Australian cricket players and fans but as it is a part of cricket so how it is possible that there is no fun in it. The first test had its own funny moments and they were indeed hilarious.

These moments have been rated from 5 to 1 by Sky sports and at number 5 we have the throw your hands in the air. A mascot was asking the people to raise their hands with him and did he get one quick answer.

People were just randomly waving around though most of them first didn’t even go for it but later joined the call but in a rather disturbed way. At 4 we have the David Gower wake up call to an English spectator.

He was napping sitting on his seat and the English commentator had to ask him to please wake up though he obviously couldn’t hear Gower but he kept on voicing him to wake up and watch the match please wake up sir and ultimately he woke up.

At number 3 the old funky chicken dance is on the TV. Three friends were seen wearing chicken hats that we often see in the crowd people wearing them and then dancing like a chicken though these friends were sitting quietly and when David asked them to dance.

One of them finally stood up from his seat and showed the funky chicken dance. At number 2 we see Bell getting disturbed by a pigeon Poop that fell right near him on the score card machine.

At number 1 is the English captain Alistair Cook getting the ball right at his groin while fielding the slips and though he was in immense pain his team mate Joe Root was finding it really hard to control his laugh.