Yasir Jan is the new face of Pakistan cricket for sure. The ambidextrous bowler is making a lot of vibes in the England cricketing circles. Yasir is currently in England taking part in a cricketing development program where he is polishing his skills with the ball.

Yasir can bowl fast with both his hands and this is something which is extra ordinary about him. The MCC cricket academy at the Lords is working on him and they want him to become the first ever international cricketer to do this on a cricket field.

BBC also has reported on this young talent. There is no doubt that this bowler is one of his own kind. He is fast and he will definitely trouble the world of batters because at an instant he would be able to change his hand while bowling. Pakistan is full of talent and this is something which has once again shown that Pakistani bowlers are the best in the game. Yasir Jan is definitely going to go bog in cricket.