The Guyana Amazon Warriors Jacobs certainly bowled one of the worst balls in cricket. While bowling against the Jamaica Tallawahs Jacobs bowled a ball which went over the heads of every one and dropped at the back of the wicket keeper near the ring. This ball surprised everyone in the ground.

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There was the dew factor present on the ground and Jacobs was sweating heavily. The ball definitely slipped out of his hands and the umpire had to signal a dead ball. Now the batsman from the Jamaica Tallawahs were not that happy about the decision made here.

They wanted this ball to be given as a no ball above waist height. Now there is no doubt that the ball was above the waist of the batsman. In fact it was way beyond that. But the final call which the umpire made looked reasonable. It was not an intentional one and hence the bowler needed some cushion.