Brian Lara has stood besides Wahab and he is heavily criticizing the ICC for the fine they have put on Wahab for his actions in the quarter final of the ICC cricket world cup 2015. Lara seemed unhappy about the whole fine episode.

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He was talking to NDTV where he bashed the ICC for their action. Wahab was fined 50% of his match fee. The money is not the issue it is absolutely ridiculous to fine such fine effort from Wahab.

It was a majestic spell and what ICC did was absolutely wrong. There was neither abusive talk from Wahab nor any action beyond the limit. Everything was under the limit and easily tolerate able. But ICC fined Wahab and Watson for no reason.

We are entertainers we call our self entertainers and this it makes for us a compulsory thing to entertain people and Wahab did entertain people.

The way he was bowling I haven’t seen such spell in any world cup match and look at the end result what he got. People want entertainment and if you will not provide them they will run away and they are running away.

How much of the fans like the ODIs and tests now hardly few because there isn’t much entertainment in it so ICC need to think on these things as well.

It was amazing cricket don’t look at the stats as they will show you that Wahab had an ordinary day and Watson a great one. We all saw how he was playing Wahab he was looking like a kid facing Wahab.

I am eager to meet Wahab and in an effort to do so I am ready to pay the fine as well.