When Moeen Ali was included in the English side for the Ashes series it was one of the biggest days in his life. His team mates congratulated him but with all that there was a big questions as well would he be able to continue playing cricket while fasting during the month of Ramadan.

Moeen is a practicing Muslim and in the month of Ramadan he is fasting and also surprisingly is taking part in the Ashes as well. In the first test he performed really well. He was interviewed recently related to his religious and sporting lives and duties.

Moeen started telling about his prayers. He said that for him prayers the most important element and it comes first for him. When I used to offer my prayers then I am relaxed that I have fulfilled my duty and after that I go out, hang out with people.

Even when I am playing cricket I make sure that I offer my prayers in time. As for my team mates when Ramadan started they asked me whether I would be available and fir for the next matches and my answer was a big yes.

They have always been nice to me. They make sure that they don’t take anything to eat or drink in front of me and I respect that though I have told them that I was pretty much fine with it but still they try their best not to come in front of me with food.

Playing cricket while fasting is not a big thing. I can play any sport while fasting. It is all about your mental approach. I know if I am doing it the reward will be with Allah and I am doing for the will of my God.