Since the time Amir and Butt were found guilty of the spot-fixing charges, both cricketers parted their ways and now as per the reports they don’t even talk to each other. Butt and Amir have cold relations and this is not hidden to anyone. They never met each other for many years but today they faced each other in Iqbal Stadium during the Pakistan Cup. First, Butt took the catch of Amir and he did not even look at him after completing the catch.

The fire was inside Amir as well because we saw in this bowling there were pace and hostility. In this Pakistan Cup Amir as not bowled with this much pace and almost all of his balls were short and right near the face of Amir. Right from the start Amir banged his balls on the pitch and exerted a lot of bounce. Butt was clearly not in a mood to take the attack on Amir. He did not play one attacking shot against Amir.

In the whole first spell, Butt was mostly getting his head from the short ball from Amir. Amir did bowl a few to his pads and outside the off stump and Butt was still not ready to hit some big shot. He was just trying to get to the line of the ball and block them. Amir and Butt no matter what the commentators say will find it hard to get along. Amir showed a lot of hostility in his bowling and Butt was not just offering him nothing. This will definitely go on between the two. The future tours will test them once again. PCB will have to see if things look for them or not. Mohammad Amir was taking his revenge from the former skipper here. The ball he bowled to him were giving all the expressions what Amir was thinking in his head.