The left arm off spinner from the Pakistani cricket Raza Hasan is back into cricket and he is currently playing domestic cricket in Pakistan. Raza Hasan is playing the Quaid E Azam trophy and in the game against National Bank he made a unique but negative record to his name.

Raza bowled 18 no balls in a single innings. He bowled 25 overs and in that he conceded 18 no balls. He took three wickets in the innings. He did not bowling poorly. The left arm spinner made sure that he lands the ball in the good length areas and he did get a bit spin as well.

But still the no ball issues were there for him and they were just because he had no match practice. He was out of cricket after being doped positive few years back. He was under a ban and hence there was no way he could have played cricket at that point and even after that.

As a result he was out of cricket and at the moment he is looking rusty as well. His no ball issues clearly showed that he was not been able to land his foot behind the line. This was a major issue but it will fade away as he will keep on playing more and more game.