The Pakistani chief selector Inzamam Ul Haq is currently in a state of dilemma relating to the return of former skipper Salman Butt. Inzamam wants to take his time and see how the Pakistani team will react to the return of Salman Butt. This is not an invalid concern as well

Salman Butt is the main man behind the 2010 spot fixing scandal. He was the captain of the Pakistani test team in those days and he was the one who forced Mohammad Amir to bowl those no balls. After that Salman butt verdict was that Amir was not a kid he should have not listen to him.

Now former England skipper Atherton gave an excellent counter narrative to what Salman Butt said and hence the role of Salman Butt in the Pakistani team will be dangerous. He in the eyes of many fans should not be included in the Pakistani team now. This is something which Inzamam knows as well.

The return of Salman Butt is not a normal thing. Cricket fans and media supporting the return of Salman Butt both have got no narrative but the ethical values that if Amir is forgiven by the fans then so should be Butt but then again Salman Butt case is very much different.