Shahid Afridi was the star of the show yesterday in the peace cup 2017. The peace cup was about a t20 match between Pakistan XI and UK media XI. Now this was not an ordinary t20 match. This game of cricket was played at Miran Shah in the newly built stadium.

Now those who know about Miran Shah can understand the importance of this match. This game of cricket was a message to the world that peace has been restored in this part of the world. Shahid Afridi in his interview praised the efforts of the Pakistan army to restore peace in Miran Shah.

Shahid Afridi said that the people are happy and satisfied here now which is a great moment for all the Pakistanis. He said that the whole credit for all this that the world is witnessing goes to the Pakistan army. They have done a wonderful job here and they are the real heroes. Pakistan is now a safe place and people should come here.