It seems that Fawad Alam has started to work on the media now related to his position in the Pakistan team. Fawad has been consistently performing really well in the domestic cricket in Pakistan and is one of the leading runs getters as well. But he has not been given a chance for some time now in Pakistani line up.

Now from past few months we have seen that Fawad Alam has been a consistent topic in the cricket debates over the media. Shahid Afridi last night at an event said that he feel Fawad Alam should be in the Pakistan team and he should be given a chance. His performances are really well.

The point now comes at which place. Fawad is a middle order batsman and he is not the kind of a player one should get into the ODI and T20 team. He is a test batsman and hence his place is in the test side but then again who should be dropped. Pakistan middle order has names like Babar Azam, Sarfraz and others.

Now the point is only this that the place for Fawad in the team is not a big issue. He should be given a chance and then judge in which format he suits the best. Our pick related to the format Fawad should play is the test cricket. The limited overs cricket will be tough for him.