Shahid Afridi was dropped a lot of times in the match played yesterday. It was the Pakistan XI playing against the UK media XI and Afridi was playing for the Pakistan XI. Now in the over against Mushtaq thee were a lot of catches given by Afridi and none of them were taken.

The match was played at Miran Shah, Waziristan a place where in the past people used to think there is no hold of the Pakistan government. But then Pakistan army did a grand operation in this area and cleared it from all the bad elements. Now this place is safe as like other parts of Pakistan.

As for this over there were plenty of boundaries hit as well. Afridi was slamming everything coming his way. Mushtaq who is a former leg spinner and was a really good one did put Afridi in trouble on a few times but the fielders could not catch the ball and as a result Afridi survived in this over.