Usain Bolt is mostly known for his brilliant work on the racing tracks. He is a multiple time Olympian gold medalist and this is his biggest recognition as well. Also he is currently the fastest man on planet earth as he holds the record of completing 100 meters race. So he is a sports athlete for sure.

With all this Bolt has a special love for cricket. In many of his interviews he has shared his loved for cricket. He said that he used to adore the pace of Waqar Younis who is favorite cricket bowler. Bolt also likes Sachin Tendulkar and Chris Gayle. He has a good relation with Yuvraj Singh as well.

Bolt is the current brand ambassador of Puma and we all know that Yuvraj Singh is the brand ambassador of the same in India. Bolt made a visit to India a few years ago and in that he played cricket match with the team of Yuvraj Singh as well and Bolt did win that game.

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