Why Sarfraz Ahmed Calls Her Mother Before Playing Match. Pakistan cricketers returned home to a heroic welcome in four different cities as hundreds of fans thronged the airports, and gathered outside their residences, to celebrate the Champions Trophy triumph.

Sarfraz Ahmed, Pakistan’s title-winning captain, was received by the mayor of Karachi and the Sindh sports minister, who honoured him with a traditional Sindhi cap and an ajrak [shawl]. An equally poignant reception was waiting for him at his house as well. A horde of people had lined the streets to catch a glimpse of him and when Sarfraz stepped onto the balcony, a huge Pakistan flag hung in front of his home. holding the trophy aloft and roaring “Pakistan”, they responded with “Zindabad”

Sarfraz Ahmed is a wicketkeeper batsman who could have meandered into irrelevance, as has been the case for many capable cricketers on Pakistan’s domestic circuit. Instead, he became the first Pakistan captain since the great Imran Khan to win a 50-over world title.

Sarfraz took over the ODI reins in February 2017, providing his side with rare single-minded direction and focus. In June that year, Pakistan went into the Champions Trophy as the lowest-ranked team and lost heavily against India to start off, but then went on a red-hot run to beat South Africa, Sri Lanka and hosts England, and finally India to claim the prize.